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    Dates for 2014




    Jan 19th - Teacher Training - Midlands


    Feb 16th - Kata Course - Anglia


    March 16th - Senior Grading - Midlands


    April 11th to 18th - Annual Budo Festival - Tenby


    April 27th - Regional Grading - Midlands


    June 22nd to 23rd  Budo Weekend - Wales


    July 6th - Grading - Anglia


    July 20th - Judo Course - Anglia


    Sept 20th to 21st - Budo Course - Batley


    Oct 19th - Senior Grading - Anglia


    Nov 22nd to 23rd - Budo Course - Wales


    Dec 7th - Grading - Anglia





    Discount for club members at Nine Circles.co.uk



    Good news, we are now part of the Nine Circles


    dojo discount scheme, which gives the club


    discounts on most products of up to 25%. Any club


    members wishing to purchase any items need to


    contact Ed to take advantage of this scheme.







    Training starts again after summer break.


    September 2013



    Training will resume again after the summer break at


    Swavesey Village College, Monday 9th September








    Ben Peacock. 


     It is with great sadness that I have to announce the


    passing of a good


    friend and fellow student Ben Peacock.


    He will be sorely missed by his friends and family.


    A full tribute will follow soon.


    Ben passed away peacefully in his sleep.


     Rest in peace my friend.









     Dates for 2013




    April 15th- 12th, Annual Budo
    Festival, Tenby

    April, Grading, Tenby

    May 19th, Weapon Course, Glossop

    June 9th, Karate/Aikido Course, TBA

    June 23rd, Grading, Swavesey

    Sept 21st- 22nd, Budo, Batley

    Oct 13th, Senior Grading, Swavesey

    Nov 9th- 10th, Budo Course, Wales

    Dec 8th, Grading, Swavesey



    Training starts up again at new

    venue . February 2013


    The Willow Tree Aikido Club will start training again from
    Monday 11th February at Swavesey Village College Sport hall.


    Training times are now 7.00pm - 9.00pm.

    Mat fees £6


    To keep the clubs running cost down we will be sharing the
    hall with the Tokushima Budo Kai Judo club, also a member of our governing organisation the Tokushima Budo Council International.


    The full address and map can be found on our Location page.

    We look forward to seeing you there.






    Temporary closure of club. November



    Due to rising costs and dwindling members The Willow Tree Aikido Club will be temporary closing.

    We hope to be up and running again in the near future at a new venue.

    The last training session to be held in Stukely will be on


    Tuesday 13th November starting at 7:30pm


    We would like to express our thanks to all members, past and present, this is not the end of the club and we would like to reassure our members that we shall train again.



    Change of training times. September


    As of 18th September the training times have changed to

     7.30 - 9.00pm.

    Hopefully this change will lead to a higher amount of members being present on the mat whilst reducing club costs and allowing our mat fees to remain unchanged. 




    Website update. September 2012


    A new video has been added to the media page, a moving photo album showcasing the club over 18 years.

    Are you in it?



     Website Updates. May 2012


    The website has been going through a few changes over the last month. There is now a video of last years demonstration at Over Carnival, which can be found on the media page.

    A new gallery will be added shortly and if any members have any photo's or videos they would like to see on here please pass them on to Ed or send them to the club email address.

    If there are any comments or ideas (good or bad) regarding the website please get in touch.




    Gradings March. 2012


    Congratulations to club members Brock Lunsford and Paul Vincent on passing there gradings.

    Brock recieved his 5th kyu (yellow belt)

    Paul recieved his 2nd kyu (blue belt)

    Many thanks to all members of the club who gave up there time to help.




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